Night Nurse

Caring for your Family in your Home

Night Nurse - DreamCareDreamCare night nurse will arrive at 8pm/9pm and leave at 7am/8am. These hours can be flexible if pre-arranged directly with our night nurses. All of the nurses have a First Aid certificate.

Key Tasks of Night Nurse:

  • Having a chat with the parents about the day
  • Settle your baby to sleep
  • Change nappies
  • Night Feeds
  • Prepare and sterlise your baby’s bottles
  • Keep details record of the night
  • Give help and advice on getting the baby into a sleep routine
  • Stay longer in the mornings to allow you a lie-in if pre-booked
The night nurses will come into your home and will take responsibility for your baby and help your baby to sleep through the night, whilst you enjoy a well deserved good night’s sleep.

In short we will not place a night nurse with you that we would not feel comfortable leaving with our own children.

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