Yes. DreamCare is licensed under the HKSAR Employment Ordinance.

A permanent placement is a nanny position that lasts 1 year or longer. Any position of less than 1 year is considered a temporary placement. Review our short-term services for more information.

There are numerous benefits of working with a full-service agency. Most importantly, it is safe. Secondly, the search is conducted by experienced recruiters who expertly select the best candidates for your position. Finally, a full-service agency offers a guarantee for all placements.

We offer one of the longest guarantees in the Hong Kong market. If in the unlikely event that a hired candidate becomes unavailable or does not work out, we will conduct another full search at no additional cost. We only work with candidates who commit to long-term employment and sign a minimum 1-year agreement. Our replacement policy is rarely ever used, as we only work with the most loyal, reliable candidates.

Yes. Whether a nanny stays on the job for 2, 5, or 10 years, you only pay one agency fee.

Fill out our online request form. One of our licensed placement counselors will contact you within 4 business hours for a detailed consultation, during which we will discuss your family’s needs and help you draft a detailed job description. Our professional Client Consultation is complimentary for all DreamCare clients.

We strive to find the right nanny as quickly as possible. We have completed successful placements within just a few days, although the screening process is always thorough. Ideally, we recommend starting a search within 2- 5 weeks of the required date and registering with us any time prior to that. The effectiveness of the search also depends on your efficiency in communicating with us and your availability to meet candidates for in-person interviews.

We conduct an individual search for every client, selecting the top candidates from a large number of pre-screened candidates. We currently have several hundred quality candidates in our database. We also actively recruit new candidates to ensure a successful placement. Please, review our Nanny Placement Process for more details.

We do. This involves matching the availability of one or both parents, children, and candidates. To accommodate busy schedules, we also offer interview times on Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings. For efficient scheduling, please inform us of any upcoming business or vacation trips ahead of time.

As one of the most trusted nanny & carers agencies in Hong Kong, we are able to attract top-quality candidates. Our placed nannies are happy with our high level of service, often returning for more assignments and recommending DreamCare to other childcare professionals. We also get candidate referrals from clients when their nanny position is ending. We also advertise in a variety of outlets.

We require a minimum of 3 years of private nanny experience, although most of our recommended candidates have 3-15 years. In addition, many have experience teaching or working in daycare centers. Many DreamCare nannies have several years of college studies, or have earned Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees (some majoring in Teaching or Early Childhood Education). They obtain first aid and relevant child care certificate.

Every candidate must meet our minimum requirements to apply. All candidates fill out our comprehensive registration form. After an initial phone screening, eligible candidates are invited to an in-person interview at the agency. During this 60-minute interview, we gather information on the candidate’s work history, childcare experience, education, and skills. We check employment references. Our Candidate Evaluation form is filled out on every interviewed applicant. A government-issued photo ID is verified for every candidate. Upon a hire, we conduct an extensive Background Check, which includes police clearance and previous employment.

Generally, full-time nannies receive 2 weeks of vacation after one year of employment, unless an employer offers it sooner. Part-time nannies receive 1-2 weeks of vacation, and are paid the equivalent of their regular shifts for those weeks. Nannies typically receive 6 paid holidays off including. They also receive 1-3 sick days per year.

Nannies depend on their regular paycheck, and a week or even several days without payment can cause financial hardship. Whether full-time or part-time, we recommend paying a nanny for 52 weeks per year. Nannies are generally willing to complete any extra task you may need during your absence, such as organizing closets, running errands, taking care of the house, etc.

Cover her professional nanny experience, educational background, and job expectations. Discuss childcare discipline methods. Evaluate the candidate’s family and moral values. Go over your job requirements and expectations. We provide our clients with a comprehensive Nanny Questionnaire, which is also available for purchase to families seeking information.

Absolutely. We recommend documenting all details, including job duties, employment terms, food preferences, discipline policies, safety terms, etc.

We do. It will be tailor made to the hired service.

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