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Why Hire a Native Mandarin Nanny?

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6 Jul, 2016

Why Hire a Native Mandarin Nanny?

The growing trend in hiring native Mandarin nanny in the world has made it all the more difficult to find a good Chinese nanny for your children.  But why are Native Mandarin nanny so popular and how can you make sure you hire the right nanny for your family?

A Chinese nanny is no longer just a preference for families in Hong Kong.  Not only does every family want to hire the best, most qualified nanny for their children but families are also looking for ways that more than just their children’s most basic needs are met by the person that they hire.  A Chinese nanny can not only meet your children’s basic needs, but in addition can give your children a real head start in life by teaching them Mandarin.  With China’s growing economy and growing importance and influence on the world stage, the ability to speak Mandarin will open doors and offer invaluable opportunities for your children putting them at an advantage over the rest of their peer.


How can you make sure that you hire the best Native Mandarin nanny for your children?

  1. Always check the previous childcare experience your Mandarin nanny has had and inquire why she left her previous employer.
  2. Always check the references of your Mandarin nanny to make sure that her qualifications meet your family’s needs
  3. Make sure that your Chinese nanny speaks native Mandarin and is fully literate in the dialect of Chinese that you would like your children to learn. Most families prefer a Mandarin speaking nanny as Mandarin is the accepted official language of China.
  4. Many of the Mandarin nannies available for hire are professionals; many hold teaching qualifications and it is important to check what skills your nanny can bring to your family in addition to simply meting your children’s basic needs.
  5. Ensure prior to hiring your Chinese nanny that she can cook and carry out any other household tasks you may require

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